signal boost, please: the bracelet project

hey guys, i’ve decided to join the bracelet project.

the project:
each condition has a corresponding color.
schizophrenia is gold.
bipolar disorder is silver.
anorexia is red.
bulimia is purple.
ednos is pink.
depression is blue.
self-harm is black.
suicidal ideation is yellow.
anxiety disorder is teal.
bullying is green.
white beads are added to indicate recovery or dedication to recovery.

if you message me with a request, i will make a bracelet with your requested colors and, if you are willing to include your mailing address, i can send it to you.  i’m working on a lot of really rough issues myself right now and i need a good distraction.  i don’t think this will get a lot of notes, but i hope y’all will reblog just in case there’s someone out there who might need this. 

to whomever is reading this, please remember that my inbox is always open—for requests or just for talking if you need.  stay strong :)